Global Deployment,
Local Empowerment

Global organizations turn to GWMA™ to modernize marketing operations in the digital age. Our team has the proprietary tools and process innovation you need to successfully implement work management technology worldwide.

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Only GWMA has what it takes

We understand the complex nature of martech deployments. We pride ourselves on striking the right balance, with the ability to accommodate local variation and market nuances while deploying a single, streamlined global management tool.

Cultural sensitivity

Communication styles. Work hours. Holidays. Coverage. Currency. Language. The list goes on, and each point requires consideration

Ability to compromise

GWMA recognizes the need to blend vision and practicality to achieve the goals of work management initiatives

Professional tenacity

Keeping your project on point takes planning, change management, communication, training and results measurement at every level

Technology expertise

We have a record of success helping global marketing organizations bring programs to market quickly via work management solutions

The Problem

Until now, companies had limited options when deploying martech globally

  • Specialist deployment partners have limited experience with multi-regional projects.
  • Large consulting firms are cost prohibitive for most organizations.
  • Working directly with solutions providers in a non-core capacity carries risk

How we achieve success

The GWMA manages global implementations using proven, defined processes.

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“Global customers, large and small, need consulting teams with the unique experience and resources to successfully deploy modern work management solutions for knowledge workers around the world. The new alliance between NEON and Zee Jay Digital will help marketing organizations maximize opportunities these leading solutions bring to the table.”
Paige P. Erickson
SVP Business Development

We offer a truly global reach from 8 locations

  • New York
  • London
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Portland

Alliance Members

The GWMA, consists of two established marketing technology consultancies; USA based Zee Jay Digital and EMEA based NEON Consulting. Together they bring expert martech knowledge and a specialized skillset that few global consultancies can compete with.

Zee Jay Digital

A boutique alternative to global digital consulting firms, Zee Jay Digital transforms marketing’s operating model, and the orchestration of work across internal and external teams, to achieve personalized customer experiences at scale. Zee Jay Digital was named Workfront Partner of the Year in 2019 and is a founding member of the Global Work Management Alliance.

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NEON Consulting

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